Contact Lens Exam: What to Expect

Contact Lens Exam: What to Expect

If you are planning to get contact lenses, you will need to go through a comprehensive eye exam. Apart from determining your prescription, the eye specialist will want to ensure that your eyes are healthy. You need to have healthy eyes to wear contacts effectively. 

After conducting the comprehensive exam, the doctor will recommend contact lens fitting. The contact lens exam will offer information that is necessary for the prescription. It is a good idea to know what to expect during the contact lens exam.

A Contact Lens Exam

Contact lenses help correct different vision issues while conforming to the shape of the eyes. The lenses need customization to fit everyone. This is the reason a contact lens exam is essential. 

A contact lens exam costs more than a regular eyeglass exam, and it can cost up to three times more. The reason for this is that the exam involves not just the regular visual tests but also extra tests and scans. The exam is for every patient.

Discussing Lens Options

During the contact lens exam, you will find out about the lens options, and you can choose your preference. The optometrist will ask about your lifestyle to determine the best option for you. There are different types of contact lenses in the market. 

The lenses are for different vision problems. There are also options such as daily disposable lenses, monthly lenses, long-term lenses, and toric lenses. People with hard-to-fit eyes can find special lenses for their condition. 

Taking Eye Measurements 

During the contact lens exam, the doctor will carry out measurements to ensure proper fitting. Measurements determine the curve required for the lenses. The doctor will also measure the pupil and the iris during the fitting. 

The eye doctor will also need to evaluate the tear film to make sure your eyes produce adequate tears. Tears help keep the lenses moist. People with dry eye conditions find it difficult to wear contact lenses.

Contact Lens Training

After choosing the type of lenses that you require, you will need to go through training. Trial lenses can help you with the testing. This is to ensure you wear the lenses correctly. 

Using the trial lenses, the doctor will teach you how to put in and remove the contacts. You will also learn about lens maintenance. Taking care of your lenses will help ensure that you get the desired results. Wearers should have the trial lenses on until the next doctor’s visit.

Follow-up Appointment

Before you get your supply of contacts, you need to ensure that the trial lenses are comfortable. A follow-up visit is essential to make sure that the lenses fit comfortably and that they perfect your vision. 

During the follow-up visit, you can talk to the doctor about any challenges that you may have experienced with the contacts. If everything goes well, the doctor will order your contact lenses. It can take two to three visits to complete the contact lens fitting.

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