The Long-term Cost of Not Getting LASIK

The Long-term Cost of Not Getting LASIK

Are you worried about the cost of enhancing your vision? There are ways that you can improve your vision without spending too much money. All vision correction avenues have fees attached to them. The idea is to get the option that is great for your pocket and involves other benefits.

Contacts, glasses, and LASIK are the most popular options for vision correction. How do they compare to one another? To make a good decision, you need one that will save you time and money in the long term. 



Glasses are the cheapest option for vision correction, but this is short-term. You will need to make repeat visits to the eye doctor to renew your prescription at least every 12 months. Also, glasses are prone to breaking through various common accidents. 

Glasses also differ in price depending on a few factors:


  • Prescription

The higher the prescription of your glasses, the more you will pay. Higher prescriptions require specialized lenses, which cost hundreds of dollars.


  • Add-ons

You will need add-ons on your glasses to get the perfect vision: UV protection, anti-glare, and anti-scratch coatings. All these will increase the cost of your glasses.


  • Servicing

If your glasses break, you must replace them as soon as possible. You will need to pay a premium to replace your glasses on the same day.



Contacts are more hassle-free than glasses. You can still get an affordable pair, but you will need to renew contacts more frequently than glasses. You may have to visit the doctor at Trinity Vision Center for a new pair every month or have daily disposable ones. Daily disposable lenses are more expensive than those that you renew every month.

Contacts that cater to specialized needs like astigmatism tend to cost more than regular contacts. Your prescription will usually change after a year, so you need to pay more yearly for an eye exam.

Sometimes, the use of contacts also predisposes you to eye infections. This may happen if you extend a pair's wear-time or fail to clean them daily.



LASIK is usually more expensive in the short term than glasses and contacts. Depending on the doctor you go to and their technology, you will receive different quotes. It would be best if you were wary of quotes that are too low because it may mean poor quality technology.

LASIK has many advantages over contacts and glasses despite being expensive in the short term.


  • You Don't Need Repeat Visits

You spend time and money when you have contacts and glasses, replacing them and renewing them. All these costs vanish when you get LASIK. You do not need to worry about add-ons or cleaning procedures.


  • Savings

You can receive partial payment and discounts for your procedure through a Health Saving Account. You can save up to 30 percent of the cost of the procedure. This further reduces the expenses you must incur for good vision. 

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